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Dear Zaltin Corporation,

I have benefited by your wondrous product for quite a few years now and it's finally occurred to me that maybe I ought to write a letter as I really must be one of your biggest fans. Being that I'm a New Republic pilot and all, I have to say that your bacta has come in handy time and again, saving me from more than a few injuries that would have been otherwise life-threatening. If it weren't for your product, I most certainly would be dead by now and then the Galaxy would be deprived of my dour good looks and witty one-liners which is, you must understand, a great tragedy.

Not only, though, is bacta a life-saving agent that certainly makes it miraculous in and of itself, I've got to say it's got several other properties that make it pretty damn good as well. For one, it keeps my skin soft better than any lotion I've ever seen. You could totally market this as a beauty aid, I think.

I've also been told that it works fantastically as an insect repellant though I haven't had the opportunity to test this out myself. However, after a run in with a particularly vicious stinging insect on Corellia a while back, I am certain that should I ever be in need of insect repellant again (ie. if I have to go back to Corellia), I will certainly be packing some Zaltin bacta in my bag.

I have to admit, though, that for as amazing as your product is, there are a couple of things I wanted to suggest you do in order to make it even better:

1. The color. Sickly pale pink? Can't you do better than that? Maybe a nice cool blue or a really vibrant green or something.

2. The taste. Please, please, please tell me you can do something about the taste. Have you ever had to spend time in a bacta tank then get out only to find that anything you eat or drink for the next week and a half tastes like bacta? It's not a terrible taste (I'm sure it could be worse), but it's definitely not something I want to taste constantly. And lum just shouldn't be bacta-flavored. Seriously.

So there you have it. Keep up the good work! Think about my suggestions. And have a great day!


Major Derek Klivian, New Republic Armed Forces

P.S. If you're looking for someone to do endorsements, I could probably oblige....
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