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[Summarizing up to get everybody to the point of actually doing the rescue so we can get on with this as the other thread is pretty much run.

following this]

Somewhere, just outsystem from the Sol system, a small group of ships rendezvous. It's not exactly an impressive gathering of ships, nearly a dozen x-wings and a freighter resembling a Corellian sea creature...

A female voice crackles over the comm waves, coming from the freighter, "Nice seeing you again, Wedge. But why is it we can't seem to catch up during good circumstances?"

Wedge shakes his head, "We'll have to work on that, Mirax, glad you could come."

A snort from Mirax, "Just doing what friends do. We got a plan?"

And with that, Wedge let everyone in on the plan. And it was a pretty damn good plan considering they seriously lacked the firepower to go head to head against a Star Destroyer and an Interdictor cruiser, some would call it an impossible plan.

But these guys? They were Rogues and impossible is what they do best.

[yeah, I co-opted Wedge, Ata can smack me if she wants. Uhm. Not sure what the plan is but we can move on from here with the assumption that the X-wings disable/harass the capital ships while a smaller crew carried on the Pulsar Skate board the ImpStar and go to rescue Hobbes?]
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Hobbie had left almost immediately after being granted leave by Wedge. Therefore, it didn't take him long to return to Coruscant, to the people and places and things that were familiar. To put enough distance between himself and everything that had happened on Earth so he could think about it.

And think about it he did. He actually spent the first few days brooding, but when, after the umpteenth time of hearing someone ask him "So where's Wes?" or "Why aren't you with your other half?" or "It's weird to see you by yourself, when did you start that?" he kind of snapped.

Not in the angry way.

Not even in the angsty brooding extensively way.

Oh no, he actually went out. Just to prove he could do it. He spent much of the next week going out every night to different venues and functions and just...getting to know old friends again, and meeting new ones. It was weird. It was fun.

It was exhausting.

After that, he settled into a more sedate routine and ignored any veiled references by Command as to when he'd return for about another week.

Finally, he felt ready to go back and be...diplomatic. Plus...things on Coruscant weren't really the same with two of his best friends on the other end of the galaxy, so he packed up his ship, let Command know he was heading back to do his duty and left.

Funny how the only thing that arrives at Earth is a distress signal transmitted over a Republic frequency.


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