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What does being in love feel like to you?

Almost every night they find a new bar. Almost every night they find new and inventive ways to get drunk. Some nights it's Hobbie who finds the fight, sometimes it's Wes. Some nights are spent quietly. Some with others, and sometimes they brin ghome "friends" and sometimes they don't, but one thing is always the same: they go home together.


They've flown together for so long that they can predict the other's moves before they happen. In or out of an X-wing, even. Alone, they aren't the best pilots out there, even if they're pretty damn good if Hobbie says so himself. But together? Together they're unstoppable.


Wes has come up with some new insane something or other and Hobbie rolls his eyes but doesn't protest any more than that. He'll always be there to help Wes out. With anything.


There are times in the dark of night when one or the other is beset by nightmares and old memories. Neither is ashamed to cry and the other isn't embarassed to open his arms.


Wedge looks at them both, exasperated yet secretly amused, as usual. "You are not the Solo twins. Stop that!"

It's Hobbie who grins at Wedge this time and comments cheekily, "I don't know, Wedge. There's something to be said for-"

"-finishing each other's sentences," Wes chimes in in perfect unison.


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Hobbie Klivian

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