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There was this girl. Bubbly, he'd described her. Cute. He'd flirted with her and she'd flirted right back. There'd been a date, even. He never went on dates, lately. There went his non-date streak.

Anyway. A girl. A tech. Cute, bubbly, maybe a little too bubbly but also friendly, attractive and into him. She'd even managed to not just make him smile, but make him laugh. And he hadn't been doing it for appearances sake or... anything. He'd meant it.

Amazing, that.

Of course, then he'd gone off and gotten her to help him and Wes go on an unauthorized mission they'd been expressly told not to do wherein they had failed at their objective and Hobbie had gotten himself shot and oh, they were firing the poor girl who'd gotten them flight clearance to leave.

Yeah. He'd tried to contact her. No answer. She hadn't called back. He hadn't expected her to.

Yet another reason why relationships never worked for him.
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Soldiers like to compare scars. It's an ego thing, look at this bitch I survived through with no bacta!, or even, it was so bad, it left a scar even after I got dunked in the tank!. It's a thing. A way to make light of death and war and the marks it leaves behind. A way to celebrate, look at me, I'm still alive. They don't acknowledge it's what they're doing but then, they don't have to. They just do it.

Hobbie's got his own scars to show off when the time comes. Sure, he could get the medtechs to remove most of them (they all could), but that's not the point. The scars are badges. A little mark that says, I'm a survivor. And he can tell you what each one stands for. The blaster burn from that firefight on Sullust. The jagged scar on his shoulder from a broken bottle he'd gotten on Ralltiir, just before he'd left home. The small scores and lines on his body from various bits of shrapnel from a dozen or more engagements. The long line around his left arm where he'd almost lost it during the mutiny on the Rand Ecliptic. The mark where he almost lost his right leg in his first mission with the Rebel Alliance.

These are the scars he shows. The ones he lets people see. They speak more loudly than he ever will that though he may be beaten, battered, bloody, he's still here. He's alive.
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If you have to ask me this, you haven't been paying attention.

[this is all he has to say about it, really. Not going to post it in TM since it's short.]
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Dear Zaltin Corporation,

I have benefited by your wondrous product for quite a few years now and it's finally occurred to me that maybe I ought to write a letter as I really must be one of your biggest fans. Being that I'm a New Republic pilot and all, I have to say that your bacta has come in handy time and again, saving me from more than a few injuries that would have been otherwise life-threatening. If it weren't for your product, I most certainly would be dead by now and then the Galaxy would be deprived of my dour good looks and witty one-liners which is, you must understand, a great tragedy.

Not only, though, is bacta a life-saving agent that certainly makes it miraculous in and of itself, I've got to say it's got several other properties that make it pretty damn good as well. For one, it keeps my skin soft better than any lotion I've ever seen. You could totally market this as a beauty aid, I think.

I've also been told that it works fantastically as an insect repellant though I haven't had the opportunity to test this out myself. However, after a run in with a particularly vicious stinging insect on Corellia a while back, I am certain that should I ever be in need of insect repellant again (ie. if I have to go back to Corellia), I will certainly be packing some Zaltin bacta in my bag.

I have to admit, though, that for as amazing as your product is, there are a couple of things I wanted to suggest you do in order to make it even better:

1. The color. Sickly pale pink? Can't you do better than that? Maybe a nice cool blue or a really vibrant green or something.

2. The taste. Please, please, please tell me you can do something about the taste. Have you ever had to spend time in a bacta tank then get out only to find that anything you eat or drink for the next week and a half tastes like bacta? It's not a terrible taste (I'm sure it could be worse), but it's definitely not something I want to taste constantly. And lum just shouldn't be bacta-flavored. Seriously.

So there you have it. Keep up the good work! Think about my suggestions. And have a great day!


Major Derek Klivian, New Republic Armed Forces

P.S. If you're looking for someone to do endorsements, I could probably oblige....
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Hobbie thought back to the times he'd be slapped -- not as many as Wes, but still a fairly prodigious number. It happened.

He thought back to the girls who'd only been interested in saying they'd been with a hero of the New Republic. Or those who couldn't handle the fact he was gone so often, "One would think," he'd scowled, ranting to Wes once, "that they'd understand the concept of fighter pilot who has to go where the job takes him."

Eventually, he hadn't bothered much with dating anyone, even when the others tried to set him up. Oh, he'd make some form of effort, talking from time to time, but it never went anywhere and he was fine with that. More or less. "It was," he'd once reflected over a glass, "too much effort, anyway." And people like him didn't have relationships, anyway, not those kind. Too much moving, too much uncertainty, too many sleepless nights. Too many chances he'd just end up dead tomorrow anyway.

They don't call it fatalism for nothing.

There's another relationship, almost-relationship, too. But he tries not to think too hard about that one anymore, the what-might-have-been. And anyway, it failed for the same reason the others did and he knows it.

He didn't put in the effort for it. Didn't even try.

Muse: Derek "Hobbie" Klivian
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