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Derek Klivian, a native of the planet Ralltiir. Left home as soon as he was able to go to the Imperial Academy. From there, he was assigned to the Rand Ecliptic along with Biggs Darklighter and was subsequently involved with the mass defection that occurred, making his way to the Alliance.

Luckily for him, while he was at Yavin IV during the Death Star battle, he was unable to fly at that time and so did not meet the fate of many of his fellow pilots. Unluckily, he still harbors some feelings of survivor's guilt as a result.

He became one of the original members of the infamous Rogue Squadron and flew at the Battle of Hoth. Contrary to some reports, he did not die there. He continued on flying with the Rogues through the Battle of Endor right up until they were disbanded. From there, he was given the task of training new squadrons. However, when it became known that Wedge Antilles was re-forming Rogue Squadron, Derek was one of the first to volunteer for it. His experience with training new squadrons has allowed him to be of some help to Antilles in getting this new group together while his (quite an eternity of in fighter pilot terms) experience in flying makes him quite a natural choice for such an elite squadron. Just don't mention his reputation for crashing and apparent "fondness" for bacta baths.

Derek is known as the 'skeptic' of Rogue Squadron and is probably the most serious and pessimistic pilot one will ever meet. Yes, even more serious than Tycho. This leads plenty of people to conclude that he's A) No fun. B) Going to die an early death not because he gets shot down but because of inherent depression issues related to his inability to seem to be cheerful about anything.

These things may or may not be true.

[So, for differences from his canon. A)He never got the nickname "Hobbie". (yeah, I know very minor). B) He never met his best friend forever man! friend, Wes Janson (who, unfortunately, is an Imperial, alas). Therefore he has missed out on a very major influence in his life, not least of which was that Wes actually got him to have fun. C) He re-joined the Rogues when they re-formed as opposed to continuing training squadrons. ]


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