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Hobbie was the skeptic, the pessimist, but he wasn't a worrier. He expected things to be bad, but he didn't worry about them or that they would. Things could always be 'worse than that' and it didn't bother him. It just... was.

He didn't worry whether a mission would fail, because he accepted that it could. Of course, he also accepted that they were Rogue Squadron and had and did and would again do the impossible. But he didn't worry about it.

He didn't worry about whether he'd die. He figured he'd have to eventually, law of averages, his luck was already worn thin with as many things as he'd survived -- Wedge's cooking, Wes's pranks, far too many battles, too many crashes, too many dead friends. That was why he wasn't as careful as the rest of them, why he ended up taking bacta baths more than any one person had a right to. He wasn't worried about dying and he didn't let it hold him back.

He didn't worry what others thought of him, the guy who should do bacta endorsements, the dour one, the skeptic. Whatever. No worries on that count.

He didn't worry about whether they'd win the war or not. For all his skepticism, he believed they would, knew it deep down in his gut, there were no second thoughts. They were, after all, Rogue Squadron who did the impossible and if they were on the Alliance's side, they couldn't lose. Period. Even if it took a long, long time. Even if people died. No matter what.

All in all, only one thing could worry him. One. Little. Thing.

Not death. Not fighting. Not war. Nothing so galaxy-spanning.

No, what worried him?

That smile of Janson's.


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Hobbie Klivian

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