Jul. 28th, 2009

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The expressions on their faces had been interesting, when he'd tendered his resignation. Shock, disbelief, it was good to know you'd be missed when you suddenly face someone with the fact of your imminent departure. Truth be told, Hobbie, along with everyone else around him, had always figured he'd die in the service and that resigning wasn't even on the horizon.

Somehow, they'd talked him out of it. Well, not entirely. He was still leaving and he wouldn't be on active duty, but somehow they were keeping him on the payroll. Something about being the Republic's only representative on the not very important, hence no embassy, planet of Terra. Hobbie didn't argue.

The only hard part about saying goodbye to those he knew were having to do so to the people he just knew were thinking, he's never been the same since Janson-... At least he didn't get that from Wedge and Tycho. They only gave him looks full of unasked questions as they embraced him and pressed gifts on him (ryshcate in Wedge's case and a nice bottle of Whyren's in Tycho's) and extracted promises that Hobbie would comm them from time to time and keep up. Or they'd fly out to Terra and check on him personally. With Iella and Winter in tow. He'd laughed a little and agreed to their demands, calling them 'a bunch of mother hens'.

Hobbie even managed to send a message ahead of himself to Wes with his estimated day of arrival. He'd left out location and time though, figuring he'd just actually call when he arrived. Or at some point that day, since he managed to find himself instead wandering around town wondering what the hell he was going to do with himself now.

He'd figure something out, lest Wes do the figuring out for him.


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