Dec. 10th, 2007

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It should, thought Hobbie, be more difficult to procure a ship without any money. Of course, that's the nice thing about being friends with smugglers. Of course, the Terriks had always been good to the Rogues in their various incarnations. And it wasn't really procure since Booster expected his skiff back 'without a scratch' and all that jazz. And Hobbie was more than sure the wiley old smuggler (or whatever he was calling himself, these days) would expect a favor out of Hobbie in the future.

No matter. It was the only (quick and relatively easy) way for him to get transport out to Terra. He wasn't technically back on duty yet from his little vacation so he hadn't been given access to any military craft. And Hobbie was fairly certain once he was back on duty he wouldn't be given much of a chance to go jaunting off to Terra.

Unless he came up with a training exercise that involved the planet....

Hobbie filed that thought away for later. Anyway, this was his best bet since civilian craft didn't, as a rule, come out that way. He'd deal with whatever Terrik wanted whenever that came up but Hobbie trusted Booster enough not to make it a hardship. Or treasonous. That sort of thing.

And then he didn't have much time for random thoughts, since the ship was dropping out of hyperspace. He'd set it to enter realspace somewhere around the vicinity of Neptune's orbit. Close enough he could get a message in to Wes, but far enough away not to be noticed until he had his coordinates.

Leaning over the instrument panel, Hobbie keyed in the code for Wes' comlink.

"Janson, you there?"


He tried again, "Janson?"

Still nothing.

"Dammit, Wes, don't make me come all the way out here and then not answer your kriffing comms!" Hobbie rolled his eyes and waited a few minutes. It was possible Janson was in the shower. Or sleeping (what time was it where he was on Terra right now, anyway?). Or something. They probably should have coordinated this better (but then they wouldn't be them, would they?).

After about twenty minutes, Hobbie tried again. And still no answer. Which had him worried but he tried to tell himself he was just annoyed and frustrated. And then he spent a few minutes scrabbling around for wherever he kept extra numbers. Like Mia's. Wes had mentioned she was down there, right?

There really needed to be more Republic comms on that damn planet. It would make things easier.

"Mia?" He paused. "Mia, it's Hobbie. Klivian." Please answer so I can find out what the kriff is going on...


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