Mar. 30th, 2007

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Hobbie thought back to the times he'd be slapped -- not as many as Wes, but still a fairly prodigious number. It happened.

He thought back to the girls who'd only been interested in saying they'd been with a hero of the New Republic. Or those who couldn't handle the fact he was gone so often, "One would think," he'd scowled, ranting to Wes once, "that they'd understand the concept of fighter pilot who has to go where the job takes him."

Eventually, he hadn't bothered much with dating anyone, even when the others tried to set him up. Oh, he'd make some form of effort, talking from time to time, but it never went anywhere and he was fine with that. More or less. "It was," he'd once reflected over a glass, "too much effort, anyway." And people like him didn't have relationships, anyway, not those kind. Too much moving, too much uncertainty, too many sleepless nights. Too many chances he'd just end up dead tomorrow anyway.

They don't call it fatalism for nothing.

There's another relationship, almost-relationship, too. But he tries not to think too hard about that one anymore, the what-might-have-been. And anyway, it failed for the same reason the others did and he knows it.

He didn't put in the effort for it. Didn't even try.

Muse: Derek "Hobbie" Klivian
Fandom: Star Wars (Expanded Universe)
Wordcount: 216


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