Feb. 28th, 2007

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Memories are funny things. One can completely push something to the back of their mind. Assume that thing is gone. Or at least as much gone as makes no nevermind, and never think about that memory again for years.


...until you come across a breeze or a sight or scent or a sound or a word or a person or nothing at all and suddenly...

...suddenly you aren't you anymore, you're him.

A young, towheaded boy laughing for the sheer pleasure of it. Laughing because you've discovered something you're sure no one else in the world...no, the galaxy has discovered (look at this amazing rock that obviously fell from space and originally belonged to aliens nobody ever heard of before except for me!) and you rush to tell your father and in your excitement the words come tumbling out of you in a confused babble and-

You stumble back, a surprised and confused and hurt expression on your face, one hand touching a smarting red mark now covering your cheek. Your father growls something about not bothering him with nonsense.

Your mother says nothing.

You go to your room and look down at the rock you still held clutched in one hand. It's just a rock now, like every other. You throw it away.

Your cheek burns.

wordcount: 210


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